Cherokee Garden Club

2018 Grantees:

  • Cherokee Garden Library (to help fund and sponsor the Fall lecture featuring acclaimed author Amy Stewart)
  • Concrete Jungle (to help support the farm manager, the purchase of gardening tools needed and some planting of annuals and perennials).
  • Global Growers (for creation of signage throughout their gardens to welcome and educate the refugee growers and larger community).
  • Park Pride (for two intern stipends, and for materials and supplies to organize the Design Workshop and for the Visioning process with communities participating in this process).
  • The Atlanta Audubon Society (for development and production of marketing tools such as the National Audubon Plants for Birds information sheets).
  • The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
  • The Trust for Public Land (to fund a summer intern who is creating a public engagement ‘tool kit’ to educate as well as solicit input)
  • Skyland Trail (to expand the existing Cottage Garden, an important place for the patients in the healing process)
  • Trees Atlanta (to fund the planting of a fruit and nut orchard within the new Urban Forest to eventually help in feeding those in need).

2017 Grantees:

2016 Grantees:

    • Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy (Sheep grazing - invasives species mitigation) 
    • Cherokee Garden Library (Acquisition of rare two-volume set and conservation) 
    • Friends of English Avenue (Solar lights for the Elm Street Urban Farm and landscaping for the police house)
    • Global Growers (Orchard maintenance – constructing a perimeter fence) 
    • Park Pride (Park visioning program) 
    • Skyland Trail (Horticultural therapy program - create 6 raised beds for a cutting garden) 
    • Trees Atlanta (Eastern hemlock conservation and preservation program) 
    • Trust for Public Land (Mims Park) 
    • Peachtree Heights West Civic Association – 
    • Sibley Park (Woodlawn Trail restoration project)

    2015 Grantees:

      • Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy (to help fund a feasibility study for sidewalk and trail improvement in Memorial Park) 
      • Cherokee Garden Library (to fund speaker Ken Druse for the 40th Anniversary Lecture) 
      • Friends of English Avenue (to purchase items to benefit the community garden such as an outdoor canopy and picnic tables)
      • Global Growers (to help fund signage and educational workshops as well as plants, seeds and soil amendments for the 30 garden plots used by refugee families) 
      • Park Pride (to help fund two landscape architect interns to create a master plan for the Mattie Freeland Community Garden) 
      • Skyland Trail (funding to purchase glider benches and hydrangeas for outdoor therapy) 
      • Southeastern Horticulture Society (funding for educational workshops for children at the Good Sam Farm – part of the Good Samaritan Clinic) 
      • Trees Atlanta (funding for plantings of pollinator-friendly, native plants at the entrances to the Atlanta Beltline)
      • Trust for Public Land (funding to support community outreach efforts for the Proctor Creek Greenway)

      2014 Grantees

        • Cherokee Garden Library (to fund speaker Lyndon Miller in October) 
        • Skyland Trail (to help build a butterfly boardwalk and deck on their main campus) 
        • Trees Atlanta (to support the Longleaf Pine Project on the BeltLine Eastside Trail) 
        • Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy (towards staffing and marketing needs for the Operations campaign that supports the renovation plan)
        • Global Growers (to continue to support the growing Decatur’s Kitchen edible orchard and garden) 
        • Southeastern Horticultural Society (to help fund youth programs at Farm Chastain) 
        • Friends of English Avenue (towards training and educating a resident manager for the Elm Street Urban Farm)

        2013 Grantees:

          • Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy (Social Media Director to update website and internet media) 
          • Cherokee Garden Library (Sponsorship of Following in Bartrams’ Footsteps Exhibit) 
          • Friends of English Avenue (Installations of 2nd Community Urban Farm) 
          • Global Growers Network (Fruit tree orchard at the United Methodist Children’s Home) 
          • Southeastern Horticulture Society (Teen Summer work program at East Lake Garden and Urban Farm) 
          • Trees Atlanta (Native grasses plantings on the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine)

          2012 Grantees:

            • AG Rhodes Atlanta Therapy Garden 
            • Cherokee Garden Library Book Conservation 
            • Peachtree Battle Neighborhood Improvement Inc. 
            • Peachtree Battle Median Beautification Project
            • Skyland Trail Bench Swings for Skyland Trail North Campus 
            • Southeastern Horticultural Society Farmers’ Market Workshops for Children

            2011 Grantees:

              • Cherokee Garden Library 
              • Georgia Organics for Brown Middle School Orchard 
              • Peachtree Battle Neighborhood Improvement Fund for Bobby Jones Golf Course/Memorial Park Conservancy 
              • Trees Atlanta for Brown Middle School Campus 

              2010 Grantees:

                • Cherokee Garden Library 
                • Collier Hills Association for Howard Park

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