A huge thank you to all the Cherokees and friends of Cherokees who have shown their support of the Cherokee Garden Club Community to-date in our fiscal year ending May 31,2021.

2020-2021 DONORS

Virginia Almand

Virginia and Bond Almand – in memory of Trudy Madden

Sharon Ansley

Jean Astrop

Anne Ballard and Dr. Wiley Perry Ballard III – in honor of Annie Offen and in memory of Charles M. Shaffer, Jr.

Julie Balloun – in honor of Molly Lanier

Ann Barrett

Lola Battle

Ellen Beard

Snow Benedict

Teri Bond

Adelaide Burton

Nancy Carithers – in honor of Annie Offen

Janice Chapman

Lucile Clarkson 

Robin Croft

Susan Croft

Marci Dalton

Hyde Desloge

Jane Duggan

Nan Easterlin

Betty Edge

Frazer Fiveash

Ken Gearon

Sally Gladden

Louise Gunn

Elizabeth Hale

Kinsey Harper

Linda Harris

Ann Harrison

Betty Harrison

Paula Hennessy - in memory of Tommy Lanier, Jr. and Mary Yellowlees

Jill Holder

Cam Kellett

Anne and Clint Kibler

Perrin Kibler

Carrie Lanier

Molly Lanier

Ione Lee

Kathy and Richard Lee – in memory of Anne McCants

Fluffy McDuffie

Anne Marino

Anne Mori

Carter Morris

Julia Newsom

Mary Norwood

Sally Nunnally

Annie Offen

Caye Oglesby – in honor of Annie Offen

Nancy Oglesby

Douglas Perry

Teed Poe

Lou Post

Libby Prickett

Jane Douglas Reynolds

Blair Robbins

Margaret Schufeldt

Harriet Shaffer

Claire Schwahn

Sally Seeds

Lili Smith

Maggie Staton

Rosa Sumter

Carmen Talley

Maggie Wallace

Jane Whitaker

Melissa Wright

Many thanks to each of you for your generous donations! Contributions may still be made via PayPal, or by mailing a check to Treasurer Carter Morris, 2500 Woodward Way, NW, Atlanta, 30305.

The Cherokee Garden Club Community Fund Board

Questions? Contact us:  cherokeegc.webmaster@gmail.com

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  Member, Garden Club of Georgia, 1928 

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